Friday, 31 October 2014

Time to Tune the Vine

Hey, hey wine lovers

There are some weekends in Cape Town... (honestly, that's most of them) ...but some are just even better than others. You know those ones where you wake up on Friday morning and you feel a buzz that not even a few hours at work can kill?

Well THIS weekend is one of them. Why, I hear you cry, well because my lovelies, this weekend is Tuning the Vine.

Silence....I know you scratching your heads under that rock you live under, cause if you haven't heard of this fab new festival well then, your home most certainly is a rock!

There is waaaaaaaaaay to much to mention, so click the link above and go see for yourself.

I'm off to the media event this afternoon for TtV (all us cool chicks abbreviate don't you know), to get some early bird scoops of tasty information and treats about the weekend (and refreshments of course)
The festival runs this whole weekend, but personally, this blogger is going to make an afternoon of it on Sunday, along with a merry troupe of tester subjects to give a well rounded (read 6 x drunken giggling) feedback on Monday about this fantastic festival.

So my wine swilling friends, look out for me, I'l have something cow related attached to me and be having a FANTASTIC time.

Taraaaaa for now