Thursday, 02 August 2012

That band....SHINEDOWN, blimey they good!

So besides the fact that I haven't been up to blogging in ages, due to work constraints (I'm always working is the constraint!) I have had something that has gotten me quite excited, other than food.

Now in fairness I never said this was a food blog only, so I am allowed to take a chatter about other things. The other thing currently being a US band called Shinedown . Haven't heard of them....I bet you have and don't know it. Recently on our radio stations, a song called Bully was featured. I heard it and something made my ears prick up. I have now got the entire album "Amaryllis" which is neither their first (not by many years), nor hopefully their last album to be released. I plan to get my hands on all their albums. You have also heard their music in odd spots like The Expendables and Alice in Wonderland. I'm just amazed that this band  isn't rocking all over the world yet. They sound fantastic, have rock sex appeal and have catchy lyrics....winning formula if you ask me.

I need to have a girly moment and just go: WOW WOW WOW THIS BAND KICKS ARSE!!!

With a raw rock sound that I describe as Daughtry meets Nickleback meets Linkin Park, I have devoured Amarylis over and over. Songs like "Unity" and "Im not alright", "Enemies", the list just goes on. In fact there is not one song on this album I don't like.

Do yourself a favour, go look them up on Youtube (i saved you some time an added links below), go listen. This band has me excited, and though it is unlikely they will ever travel to our sunny shores, they have a fan here in me.

Moo, out.



"Diamond eyes (Boom Lay boom-lay Boom)