Sunday, 21 September 2014

So, it's time for one of those life altering moments.... I got on the scale a week ago for the first time in around 8 months. I weighed pretty much what I expected. I know my body and I know when it is under strain. The last year hasn't been easy. Andre went to the States for 3 months, my mom got really sick, he came back to find me almost having a breakdown and her in a care facility for dementia, then came the upheaval between him and I and the marriage counseling and the ultimatum that I could have the bar or him. No contest. Sold the bar at the end of January... but financially the new owner is struggling and we still waiting for the money from the sale to come through....more financial pressure. Then my mom died in May, ten days after I started a new job.

I'm an emotional eater and I'm very emotional......see the problem?

So onto the scale I climbed last Sunday....30kg's overweight. Sure explains the sore everything, heartburn and lack of being able to get into my clothing. I used to horse ride, do various martial arts, go to gym every day and tried to be pretty longer the case obviously. Nothing better to wallow with than cheese sandwiches, dark chocolate and red wine.

But...the time has come. The running shoes are at the door and I'm back on weigh-less. It's time to take back my body and get fit. I have a plan (thank GOD lol) and I have a few goals (please God, don't let me die lol)

Dun dun duuuun..... onward I guess lol. My primary aim is not weight-loss, but to be fit and strong and healthy, the weight-loss will come with that.

My plan is to run another blog to chart my progress... Cow on the

Wish me luck