Thursday, 28 July 2011

The importance of comfort food and picking it smartly

So I haven't blogged in a while. This, unfortunately, is due to feeling crappy in general and just down about a whole heap of things....mostly the lack of money. Of course despite that I have 15kg's to loose by April (but that's another story totally) I have been comfort eating....and my food of choice is cheese.

Cheese, glorious cheese. The golden blocks that dreams are made are large butts unfortunately. I love cheese. All cheese. Yellow, white, blue.... it doesn't matter which. It just is my delight. And chocolate. Anything chocolate infused sends me into a happy place. Oh and Jelly. I have been known to go through 4 boxes plus in week easily. And bread and ice cream.... see the problem. I will happily spend my time eating cheese sandwiches interspersed with chocolate. And that is where I got to thinking... Why can't we have our proverbial cake and eat it. WHY NOT!

Stock up on diet Ice cream, you know the sugar free low fat one, and Sugar free jelly. If you like custard then make it with fat free milk and honey or sweetener. Buy dark chocolate. Ok, I know some people don't like dark chocolate so see if you can find a milk/dark combo. Or, what is also super yummy is to buy whole dates and coat them with choc (i'l do a blog with this somewhere along the line) Dates are sweet and healthy and good for you, and are sweet enough that using dark chocolate wont prove to bitter.

As far as cheese sandwiches go....well... I love them plain and I love them toasted. I use low fat margerine on the un-toasted ones and for toasting I don't use any fat as I bought myself the most fantastic toasting bag (here's a link to help you get the idea toaster bag ) that does not require fat and makes the most YUMMY SQUISHY sandwiches. Unfortunately you will have to learn, like I have, that you can't have more then 3 a day. Well, you can, but you shouldn't.

Ok, so it's not the most entertaining blog, but that's what you get for today.

Back again soon

Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Weekend Tripping & Place Re-moo's

So the weekend past started off with a birthday at Kitima's on Friday night. For those who don't know it, Katima's is on your left about 3/4 of the way to Hout Bay from Constantia. Parking is simply on the verge across the road, and, if it wasn't for the cars, you wouldn't know it was anything particularly interesting. You walk up to the big wooden door and smile while the security guard opens it for you....into the world of Kitima's

The decadent Bathroom
Kitima's bar...well stocked!
My assortment sushi, prawn cake, Moo Yak etc
Walking in you are transported to a beautiful world of smiles that great you in a professional manner. Kitima is a Town quality restaurant  without having to drive out to Town. In our case we headed straight to the back of the venue to a lounge with a well stocked bar and low tables with comfy seating, where our friends were waiting.

Strawberry margarita
I indulged in a Strawberry Margarita (R65) to start with which is served in a LARGE glass. We decided to order a few small items to eat to get a feel for the place: Jintana Starter Platter (four varieties of Asian starters: 2 salmon and avocado maki,2 chicken teriyaki maki, 1 prawn cake and 1 ‘laughing buddha’ at R55) a Thai Barbecue Pork (Moo Yak) / 2 skewers (R28) and Tofu and Vegetables Soup (Clear soup of tofu, mixed vegetables & shiitake mushrooms, garnished with fresh coriander at R32). The food was tasty and fresh. The only thing that I didn't like was that the Tofu in the soup was too big and was very soggy. I ended the evening off with a Mai Thai made with apricot brandy which was delicious and one of the best I've had.
Mai Thai

Tofu & Veg soup
We had a very enjoyable evening. Service was efficient and food was tasty and the staff were friendly.

Sunday brought fathers day, and, as my dad passed away, hubby took me on a afternoon ramble to "investigate for my blog" We took a slow meander down main road from Muizenberg to Town to see what we can see... which was, being a Sunday, not much until we got to Town where we found....

The Eastern Food Bazaar in the old Wellington Fruit Growers Market Building between Longmarket St and Darling St.  This is just one of those places that you have to go see.
 Its a bustling tunnel of Indian cooking smells that just make your mouth water. Basically its a large tunnel filled with people and food, with spots to sit and eat. 

So so worth a trip into Town to see. 

It also keeps really long trading hours (till 10pm most nights) so you can ramble through at like 8pm on a Sunday night to go and try some Korma or Ice Cream. 

There are spots to order just about everything you can possibly want by way of Eastern Fare. Be warned tho, we didn't order anything on our visit as it was hellishly busy at 2pm on the Sunday afternoon. We however plan to definitely go back one early weekend evening to taste our way through.

From Town central, we headed to a favorite area of ours, The Cape Quarter.
 This whole area, not just the main section, is filled with a feeling of delight. From the beautiful views to the smorgasbord of food choices, I personally can spend hours looking at menus and trying dishes at the various restaurants. 
I love the easy way that one can stroll back and forth, between the smells of the different restaurants, while stopping here and there to look in shops spread between them. A few years back we used to go to Tank (no longer there) and on one of our first visits, while sitting outside in the winter sunshine, had the pleasure of listening to Caitlin, a violinist, play. And it always brings back the awesome memory of that afternoon.


While we tried to decide where to eat, we took a stroll in the new section of the Cape Quarter that has been built, and found "Danielas Deliciously Decadent", a small shop with some of the TASTIEST, most yummy macaroons on this PLANET as well as jars of all sorts of interesting things.Softly crunchy on the outside, while gooey and decadent on the inside, we bought macaroons and fought to just about grab bits out of each others mouths in order to eat them............delectable. 

From there we wondered out and after much uming and aaaahing, finally decided to try a funny looking little pub type place called "Uncle Jacks"... but that is for it's own blog to follow soon...