Sunday, 07 December 2014

The Moo's guide to surviving load shedding (with a smile)

Hey everyone

So load shedding.... not the barn kind, the power kind, has SA in a tizz. Here is my handy guide to getting it done with a smile.

Check the schedule

Hey at least there is one. Go have a look, write it down and put it up where everyone in the family can see it. Work on worst case senario and you won't get caught with your pants down (cause thats a totally different way to use the time without power that we WON'T go into now lol)

Plan around the power on/off times:

Charge that laptop, cell phone, whatever needs charging. I keep mine on charge all the time at the moment just in case.

Get up early...or late, depending on your schedule times

Why not? It's summer, its sunny, its hot. When we were kids we couldn't wait to get up and out to play. Work out when you can do stuff that needs power and plan ahead. For example, my power is planned to be out between 10am - 12H30 and 8pm - 10h30pm, so I got up at 6am and got my laundry on, cooked what I needed for later etc. I'l boil a kettle just before 10am and pop that in a flask with milk in another flask and do a spot of vacuuming, . I've also turned my fridge and freezer a bit colder etc.

While the power is out, I'l fold laundry and wipe down tiles etc, wash dishes with water I've just run.

Then I'll head out to enjoy my day. You could take a picnic to the beach, or forest. Take the kids somewhere to explore. Tonight, my laptop is charged with series loaded. We have stocked up on wood and meat so may just watch the beautiful stars that shine without street lights hampering them....or may just go to bed early and get a good nights sleep.

Find a way to make it work. Maybe it will be a positive to remind us to enjoy a simpler, calmer, more connected to people around us, kinda life

Anyway, must lumber to the kitchen and get that kettle boiled, and dish water run. 15 mins to power out.

Have a lovely day

Love all of moooooo