Friday, 10 June 2011

Milk tarts and the Mexican Dinner

So, last night was what is turning into Supper Club night at Indigo Girl & Batman (Sorry Allan, I just like you as Batman!) And last night was Mexican Night.... FANFRICKKING TASTIC :)

So, yesterday I was talked into trying my hand at Milk Tart.... Sigh. You know theres that point in a receipe that says something like "while stirring the mixture will thicken" and you just know that it's not going to do that, weeeell that was my afternoon. I found an awesome sounding Milk Tart receipe and made up tart no 1. The pictures are for tarts 1 & 2. Tart 1 is in the black dish and Tart 2 (the coconut adjustment) is in the white one.

By T2, I decided to just make the bloody pastry in the dish. Worked quite well I must say.

I did have a problem both ways with getting it out afterwards with the filling to eat. Pastry and I do NOT get on. I believe that all pies and tarts should have biscuit bases. Its just simpler that way.

Anyway, back to T1. At the point it wasn't thickening, I thought maybe when it calls for 2 large eggs, I should use 4 of my small ones not 2. At this point I'm going "HOLY S#$% we eating this with a straw and trying to figure out what was wrong. Look, at the end of the day, T1 tasted like Milk Tart but had anything but Milk Tart consistancy (My bestfriend thought it was great even tho I had to GLooumP it into a bowl), and T2 had a fantastic Coconut taste (substituted 1/2 the milk for coconut milk, and added coconut to it too)

T1 (to the left) has the basic cinnimon topping (well, it has it in it too after I scraped it out the dish and added another egg and........ ok so just don't go there!)

T2 had an interesting blend of cinnamon and coconut that I mixed together then sprinkled on top.

This was the Tart that was going with to dinner last night at Food Blogger delux, Indigo Girl. Great. I now have a tart that is a) potentially not going to set, going to b) a food bloggers house where c) there were going to be other people to palm it onto but d) I had NO idea what it would taste like........sigh. Oh well. Lets do it lol.

So, I of course got there after everyone as usual, being as I work for myself and seem to now put in more hours then I did. I arrived clutching the required bottle of wine (we drink a lot of that, but mine is LITE on calories and low in THERE) and the potentially offending Tart.

Dinner was FANTASTIC with Indigo Girl whipping up not only great nosh, but the most, absolutely, fantastically awesome Chilli Poppers I have ever ever had.

The table, laden with food
and surrounded by hungry friends.    
On the menu was: Chicken Nachos, Chilli Poppers, Chicken & Cheese Quesidellias, as well as various extras to add.    

 The empty table and Indigo Girl eating a popper that should have been MINE MINE MINE!!

Anyway, by the time we got to the Tart, while it wasn't totally set, it was sorta set and went down an absolute treat. Apparently the coconuttymilktarty taste was yummy enough that no one cared what the tart looked like, and I'm perfectly ok with that.

So, that was yesterday in a milk laden nutshell.


FYI: Indigo Girl will be posting on her blog about the Mexican Night, with recipes, and I do suggest if you like poppers to keep an eye, cause hers were MAAAAGNIFICANT!
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