Wednesday, 08 June 2011

This cow thing...?

Ok,  ok. I think that perhaps in between my inane ramblings on food, I should explain the cow thing. The very odd, very all consuming cow thing that has me in its hoofie grip.

I love cows...not all cows, black and white cows, and have for a few years now.

It started with a cow in my local shopping centre that I had to have a pic of, then came the cow pj's:
and from then on it just grew and grew into the kind of crazy that only Jack Sparrow would understand.

I now own everything from stuffed cows, to cow clothing, cow pens, cow cups, a milk bottle with cows on, and even a fantastic hat that was brought back from Germany, just for me as well as my awsome cow print duvet.

Did I mention that for my 30th birthday, not only did I have a limo...but also cow cupcakes!

So, if you were wondering where my blog got its name, there's part of the explanation. I also love pink and calling it Psychedelic Cow, ment I could have my favourite colours with my creature in all its Bovine Beauty!

So there you go. Now you know how I got my nickname (Moo) and why my blog is totally Bovinated

Taraaa till later


  1. it's been how many years that we have known eachother. . . and i still have your number under Moochelle :-)

  2. LOL of course you do... I wonder how many people have me on their phones as that, or Moo, lol.