Monday, 06 June 2011

Saturday at the Tokai market

Now, far be it from me to claim to be the most up to date on the goings on around me but HOW DID I MISS THIS GEM?

Indigo girl, over a fantastic Spag Bol dinner (see here: ) was telling about the Tokai market that she would be working at this past Sat, and said I had to I did.

I got there at quater to 12 (its open from 9am - 2pm) and found the basics of a grand little market in one spot. Cheeses, pies, brownies, preserves, and ofcourse Indigo Girl manning the Obed's Kitchen stall.

Of course after I had browsed, tasting the olives from the olive guy, the cheese from the cheese guy and tasting all the other goodies that are on display, I made myself useful and jumped in to help Indigo at the stall. WHAT a blast. I chatted to people about everything from how to cook the perfect Rolled Roast Beef with Obed's mustard, to tempting people with a bit of bread with Hummus and chillies on top, to roasting Shank with caramalised onions... I think I had far to much fun.

After grabbing a cup of coffee, and buying a yummy Guinness and Steak pie (mmmmmmmmMMM!!) I ambled off to enjoy my finds after a perfect Saturday morning.

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  1. Sounds yummie! I love markets. Will definitely check this one out sometime. :)