Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rest in peace, Simba Mhere

Someone asked me today, when I told told them the tragic news of Simba passing, if I knew him.... I didn't, and it got me thinking about why the news kept bringing me to tears.

Driver to be charged over accident killing Mhere

I, like many others, remember watching THAT segment, THE one where the presenter search lit up by a sweet faced, velvet voiced, black guy, who was one of us. He had stood and waited, and waited, and finally got his shot. He wasn't famous or known....he was the average guy. But he shone. Right from that first time the public saw him we knew he was special.

I don't remember Simba ever having bad press, and I remember fans commenting that he was always happy to greet them. He was one of those special presenters that made you smile when he smiled.... his personality carried right through that screen into your lounge.

It's so strange. This past Thursday, hubby and I sat and watched the Top Billing segment with Simba and Jonathan Boynton-Lee, who we commented, looked like such good friends. We were chatting about how cool it will be to see where Simba goes next, as his career grows.

What a sad weekend, and my condolences to the Mhere family and to Simba's friends and Top Billing family. South Africa media has lost a star, a good guy who made the rest of us believe that hard work and perseverance can make dreams come true.

RIP Simba, you have brighten lives you didn't even know, and we are all happier for having had you in our world. God bless and sweet dreams.

Forever remembered, RIP Simba

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