Tuesday, 07 April 2015

Have you haired? A review of Yournique Hair Salon, Lakeside

Bianca, hair magician
After a long break, I have a heap of blogs to catch up but I must start with this one....

Now to begin, I must say I am both a hairdressing dream AND nightmare. I have this really thick hair that has a lot of body and movement (they love it, I'm not so crazy bout all that body) and it's blonde...not like beach barbie blonde, but really nice multi blonde.... you, get the idea. And then there is the other side of the coin.... I tend to be impatient and lazy with it... I need my hair long so that it doesn't go circus afro on me, but I also tend to get into it with sheers..... or dye....which never goes to plan. And I refuse to spend R300 on a tend to leave it and then just hack it off when I get too annoyed.

Over the last year, I dyed it (the purple was amazing, thanks Manic Panic), but my home stuff and cut after that was a disaster) Then came fire week (see blog to follow soon regarding the Cape Fires and volunteering) where I met Bianca Kensley, owner of Yournique Hair Salon, in Lakeside.

Quality products
Those little touches
Now the really funny part is that years back (like 10 years ago) I happened upon her salon and then forgot where it was or what it was called, so never went back. Anyway, Bianca took one look at my head of horror, and said to come in to see her. So, last Saturday, I appeared at 9h30 on her doorstep with great anticipation, and I was NOT dissapointed.

Yournique is a little salon at her home, in a converted outside garage. Bianca has put a lot of effort into making it a pretty space that woman will enjoy being in and men wont feel out of place. Little touches give it its unique feel.

It's small salon, with an efficient use of the space, with nothing lacking other than the overpriced bill at the end!

I was popped into the wash chair and (after loosing the ability to speak during my head massage hehehe) was whisked into the cutting chair. Yournique is that place where your mom came, brought you and now you both come and your best friend. Bianca is that hairdresser that you tell everything to, discuss you love life over coffee while she expertly creates head magic with her scissors. She has years of experience, and puts you totally at ease in her chair.

Cheerful and efficient
Bianca has a lovely young lady called Kirsty who assists with the washing side of things....and does drool worthy head massages.  I had a cut and half head of color (low and highlights) and blow dry, which for my shoulder length hair sets you back around R450.  Bianca chose what to do to my hair with the only request from my side was to keep as much length as possible and to make it look amazing and natural ....

Yournique's prices are VERY reasonable, with an average shoulder length cut setting you back around the R90 mark. Her package deals are made for the normal persons pocket, with the quality of her products equal or better than some of the "high end" salons that are quite happy to charge double or more than Bianca charges.

By the time she flicked the cover sheet off me, I could only stare in amazement at the person staring back at me. I have never felt so happy sitting in a hairdressers chair. It was BEAUTIFUL.

I can't wait to go back, and two weeks later am amazed at how great my hair still looks and feels.
Do yourself a favor, give Bianca a call and go let her play with your hair. You will walk out looking amazing, and still have money in your pocket.... now that's what I call a win win situation.

Contact: Bianca at Yournique Hair, on 079 182 4732

Take care my lovelies, and go see Bianca.... treat yourself, why not



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