Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Say No To Xenophobia‬

Hey all

So this is just a short blog but very important.

In South Africa we are currently suffering a few fools, who are instigating and carrying out Xenophobic attacks on our fellow African brothers and sisters....just cause they are different and looking for a better life away from their birthplaces.

As a South African, and fellow African (I was born on the African Continent...therefore I am an African) My 2 god children are half Nigerian and I have friends from Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi and many other places (yup, white and black actually are friends. Just like every city has good and bad, so do we) I do believe that this country is a wonderful place and that we need to stand up and fight now, as hard as we did years ago to free Mandela, for fairness and to make this country a better place.

For now tho, as a loyal South African, I wish to add my voice to a special hastag that is going out


Feel free to join in the call, and add this to your Facebook wall

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